“All Great Changes are preceded by Chaos” (3 min read) 

On the day we got married, everything looked so perfect! I woke up happy, wore my new suit, picked up my wedding vows & snuggled it in my pocket! I was feeling lucky! She was my first! Although our meeting was arranged by our parents but no one could be as flawless as she was! My dating history was nothing to brag about. I was in an all boys schools for the longest time & all the girls I ever liked later in my life were already in a relationship or friend zoned me. The ones who liked me couldn’t keep me amused for even a day! She was my first” real girl friend who was now going to be my wife “in a few fraction of seconds! This last month felt like I was living the dream! I pampered her with gifts, took her to all the lavish places I could afford ! After a courtship of one month, I just knew that she was “the one”! I see this gorgeous damsel dressed in a flawless beautiful white lace dress! She was daintily walking towards me! My heart beat got faster with each step she took. I dint know why was i scared at this moment? I at once ignored these thoughts & focussed on her alluring porcelain skin! We exchanged rings & were soon announced husband & wife!  After we got married, she came up to me and said : ” Hey, I want our relationship to grow further and I think we need some more time to get to know each other better! Also, I think for now we should keep our honeymoon plans on hold since I am not very comfortable with you at the moment.” Even my company wouldn’t grant me these many leaves since I had recently joined the same. I immediately agreed, as I was madly in love with her. Our conversations only lessened as the days flew by. She dint talk to me. I thought maybe she needed time to open up because she was an introvert. I thought maybe that’s why she dint have any friends in town inspite of staying at the same place throughout her life, which was odd! But I was head over heels in love with her. Even thought things dint make sense, even thought I could sometimes see the “Red Flags flashing” all over, I choose to ignore all these signs! We used to get invited to many family luncheons & dinners. Once, on our way back home, she said : ” Ronnie, I don’t like the way you dress up! You need to match my standards! Can’t you see how good I look? You must try and put in some efforts to look good as well! I said “Ok! I am sorry! Won’t let you down from today.” She smirked : “Good! “There was an uneasy pin drop silence in the car till we reached home! I slept on the couch that night! She dint even once bother to call me to sleep on the bed instead! We kept growing silent! I started stretching my office hours because I wanted her to have more of the “Me Time”! I was big into music & being the romantic buff that I am, I thought maybe I should take inspiration from my favourite track by Nick Jonas : “Close.” Just before the chorus, he sings: “Space is just a word made up by someone who is afraid of getting too close”! Maybe that was her problem! She was afraid of getting too close! I wanted this to work badly so I dint say much. Night after night we were growing more distant. Sleeping on the couch was becoming an every night routine now. I never asked if I could sleep on the bed again & she dint offer either. One night, on our way back from a friends wedding, I realised that we were sitting in an awkward silence again. I stopped the car in the middle of nowhere & asked : “What am I doing wrong here Polly?” How much more time do u need? I heard no response. I blurted out this time : “I won’t drive till you talk! “. Tears started rolling down her cheeks & she said : ” I don’t like you! I don’t like your face! I hate it when you try and come near me. It pisses me off even when you just sit beside me! I despise you”! She went on : ” You are so immature! I guess that’s because you have never dated a girl before! How will you handle me? I am too good for you and you know it! I need a divorce! There it was ! Out loud! What was she saying? I wanted to speak but felt like my mouth was filled with soot! I asked her to calm down : “Listen, we can work this out! Let’s spend some more time together! Tell me what can I do to fix things?” She bluntly replied : “Nothing !”The next day she dropped the “D BOMB” at home. She wanted to leave. Her & My parents tried convincing her to stay but she was adamant & sure in her head that she wanted out! So she left. I woke up the next morning to find divorce papers resting on my table, waiting for my signatures……To Be Continued….


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