Sometimes the bravest thing you can do, is never look back!! (1 min read)

They finally meet after 10 years just like that. It was fate playing funny again . “Trying to humour me”, she thought. He stood there numb & guilty as hell .She looked at him “all smiles”. He saw how beautiful she looked still & took two steps towards her. He leaned down  to catch a good glimpse of her and to maintain an eye contact since she was way shorter than him. He was taken back to the old flashback memories of them..the long drives,the rendezvous visits, the conversations that ended all night long. This made him sad. He was now wondering why aren’t we together? What went so drastically bad that couldn’t get fixed before. His mind was now cluttered with thoughts he had never considered important before..thoughts which never could consume him like it did in her case. He whispered in her ear: “Sweet love, what led us here”? She replied…for the first time not feeling vulnerable in his presence …because she wasn’t weak. Time had healed all her wounds! She had risen from the ashes…immune to his vain charms now. She looked into his eyes without her pupils dilating & said …”babe.. Care to hear a short story”? He nodded …she continued : There was girl who lived in a far away land..She was a perfectionist…always in charge of everything in her life. She was unfamiliar with the word : “Chaos”! She had her life all planned…till the age of 60..things she wanted to do, places she wanted to see, goals she wanted to achieve! She believed that Love was merely a fantasy that only existed in the fairytales or the movies that played in Romedy now! She tried loving but failed miserably every time because she felt nothing! Her heart was as cold as ice. All she felt was a friendly alliance incapable of forming anything deeper from the men she dated in the past. Then, suddenly one day a boy walked upto her & changed everything she believed in. He dint make any extra efforts to win over her. He narrated stale poems that he probably wrote for every girl he wanted to impress, sang songs for her that he probably sang alone in the shower!! She was just his new muse while she couldn’t keep it casual this time. Every time he held her hand or kissed her, she felt her heart sink deeper. She felt helpless around him whereas he felt nothing! She kept giving in …trying to make this work but failed tremendously. One fine day, she decided to leave. She wore her running shoes and ran as far as possible…without looking back because she knew if she would do so, he would lure her to stay. Over the years there are few things she learned. None of us are cold. None of us are incapable of loving. It just takes that one person to change everything and make you experience the beautiful emotion : Love! She said :”Thanks for making me feel that I am capable of loving someone too”. The time we spent together was magical! On one hand…a part of me might never stop loving you but on the other hand I’ve decided to stay away from people who give me constant heart breaks. She hugged him and left. Not all stories are perfect. Not all of them have a happy ending like in the movies. I feel that it’s important to realise the importance of leaving if you get caught in a stale relationship which is not moving ahead inspite of constant efforts only from one side. Every relationship is work & it requires continuous efforts from both ends. If you find yourself stuck in a one sided relationship, walk out before it’s too late 


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