Soulmates!! (1 min read)

Since time immemorial …the concept of soulmates has been changing . The 14th to 17th century Renaissance artists & poets believed and preached that we have just one soulmate. They believed that once you find that special someone your world stops and you just know it. On the contrary the new generation writers, philosophers & now therapists say that there can be more than one and sometimes more than two soulmates in your life. The age of the romantics taught us to believe in pure, unadulterated love whereas in our times, we have been made to believe that it’s all a hit and try process. When u think you have found the one, give that person a try and see if it works. If it does…Voila! Good for you ! If not, wipe your tears, stand taller than before and move on. Sometimes we find the perfect ideal match in this process. Sometimes, we become so tired of this mundane process that we settle down with the one we get and decide to live with that someone just because we are comfortable in his/her skin and perhaps sometimes this road leads us onto so many heartbreaks that we decide on staying single for the rest of our lives! This era has confused us to the core. So much so that we don’t know what is love. What does this word mean…what is love anyways…the ultimate “one love”! Food for thought!!


20 thoughts on “Soulmates!! (1 min read)

  1. I have a pack of Angel Healing cards and some time ago I was having trouble concerning life and relationships. So I decided to choose a card from my pack just out of curiosity, not really expecting any grand insight. The card was Soulmates. It was a reminder that sometimes you have to have trust in yourself and your place among the universe. And then good, loving things and people will come to you. We don’t have to hold on to negative or toxic people out of fear or insecurity. Thanks for sharing this post! πŸ™‚

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  2. I have been married for more than 12 yrs and I think it is of what you can contribute for the marriage to make it last.
    I believed “marriage is a job… you have to make it work!” Cheers πŸ™‚

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  3. i think you are sooooooooo correct.we can expect love from many people.of course thats a different kind of love that differ from romantic soul mate.I think Love is not in our hands,we cant chose someone to be loved or to love.It itself choses two people and make it happen.There are many people who are widowed with children who found their second love.Who knows what may come and happen.When you encounter love just grab it

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