Commit yourself to the practice of honouring where you are always (2 min read)

We are often driven towards melancholy now a days. Some people grow sad because they constantly compare their situations with others. Everything looks better on the outside. The neighbours new car, his garden, his job, his house and sometimes even his wife ! What we fail to understand is that there is no end to greed and one must learn to stay content in whatever he/she has and every situation he has been placed in. We must value today since it won’t be the same tomorrow. Its extremely important to cherish that moment even thought it might not be perfect or even near to perfection ! I often hear people talk about the same routine. How they get stuck in the same humdrum jobs, same life! I think it’s of immense importance to break the monotony sometimes but at the same time I also feel that we must learn and practice to see things differently ! You must be wondering what am I talking about here. Let me explain this to you with an example…                                                                         There are two people …lets say Tom & Brad! Brad wakes up…eats breakfast ..drives to his office …finishes his work late ..comes back home …eats supper and goes off to sleep. He always cribs about his life! Tom on the other hand realises the importance of noticing and observing how no days can be similar. He wakes up, selects a different cereal everyday and plays a new track in his car to this work. At his workplace, interacts with his colleagues, talks about work and so many other things and common interests that he possibly shares with them. Talking leads to learning new things, opening new hearts, venting out feelings which is itself therapeutic in many ways! Sometimes also brings out “laughter” that is contagious ! Even when Tom does not go out for dinner or drinks but comes back home to his family …the pleasure of having dinner with them brings him immense pleasure. He therefore remains grateful for each day and chooses to stay content. I know that it’s not easy to be this ways. We don’t stay in a utopian world after all. I also understand that there are days that bring utter grief and sometimes leaves us in exasperation. But it’s of immense importance to not just remember the rainy days but instead focus on the silver linings in life! We must try and find happiness in the little things in life, try to stay happy with what we have ! Strive to be better but by only trying & not complaining . Whoever is reading this, I hope this little article brings about some positivity in your lives and you learn to live in the moment .  


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