Hope : An overrated emotion (1 min read)

Hope..a word so close to home and still far far away from reality at the same time! They say hope sustains life. It encourages us to keep moving forward, to keep believing . When it comes to the work front, what is the use of hope without hardwork? I think It’s futile in relationships as well. So many poets have written elaborate poems and sonnets on how the lovers yearn and hope for the love of their beloved. Hope for her to return back one day..that she would realise his futile efforts and finally win her love, but does that really happen? Even the psychological connections/ telepathy fails to bring two individuals together if their thinking wavelength is not at the same pace. But still most of us live on hope or I would rather say “in denial”! I am not exactly an expert in relationships but I feel that people who drag you to the extent that you have to wait for them to return or in other words hope that they will return, hope that they will change one day is merely a waste of time. Love and stick to those who love you with their whole hearts..without any waiting period, without any false hopes! So what if he/she seemed so perfect for you or appeared to be your soulmate for some fragment of moments or even seconds in some cases. Just remember that nothing is perfect in this imperfect world. Settle for the heart that feels pure and is willing to accept you for who you are & dosent keep you lingering onto the vain word “HOPE“! 


16 thoughts on “Hope : An overrated emotion (1 min read)

  1. Now i have to relate this to LAW OF ATTRACTION. Dont you think when you hope for something,you will get it one day or other.I know that we are frustrated with our waiting.May be it works in other ways like,if you didnt get what you expect there may be two things, like 1. That doesnt suit you,means you are not fit for what you hope.
    2. Something better than what you hope may come,who knows.But we have to givce chance to time.I am not saying that we should continously wait.But do your work,be ceratin about what you want and leave it.I am not that experienced to tell you because i am in 20s but i am telling you to think

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      1. i can understand that,HOPE is positive feeling when you are getting sadness from that,then dont do that. as sri krishna said dont expect the results,just do your duty.because our results depends on three things,they are fate,effort and time.out of these three only effort is in our hand soo we should put 100 percent

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