The Greatest Prison People Live In Is The Fear Of What Other People Think (2 min read)Β 

I had enrolled myself for a beauty pageant in college. I was an eloquent cream skinned brunette, which made me think that I had fair chances of winning. Let’s say I was way too over confident about myself. While at the peak of ones youth, we all tend to have foolish airs about ourselves. I was no less. I cleared the first and second round easily. Now, the last round was left. I thought “I am winning this for sure. This is definitely a cake walk for me!” The question answer round started. Simple basic questions were being asked like what’s your definition of beauty, what would you change if you were the president of the country..etc..etc. Then came my turn. One of the people from the jury picked up the mike and asked “Hi Alice! So, if you become invisible for a day, what would you do?” “I thought ..this was a little different question. But it’s okay il answer it.” So, this is what I ended up saying. I innocently spoke the first thing that came to my mind. “I would like to enter my friends house and hear what they talk about me behind my back so that I know who my true friends are ..who would stay with me through thick and thin. Thank you !” Ofcourse I lost. I thought nobody was prepared to hear honest and blunt replies. Maybe they wanted me to talk about helping the poor or bringing about a positive change in the world. You know the idealistic answers. But were they any practical? No! I went home and told my parents “I dint win”! My mom consoled me with chocolate ice cream but my dad was curious. He asked me about the question I was asked and on hearing about my response, he laughed out loud. I felt a little small. I asked him” what’s so funny”! He said ” you know it was a competition, so you should’ve sounded more visionary or like a fantasist if you wanted to win but I am not laughing at your innocent reply sweety !” I was taken aback. “What is it then? Dad?” He went on : ” Honey, you don’t want to get invisible and hear what others talk or think about you because you will be surprised or shocked to know how little they actually think of you “! Live in your bubble of happiness. The ones who are good to you, treat them with kindness. The ones who are bad to you, ignore them. Sometimes knowing too much can hurt too much too. So, judge no one and don’t try and be so inquisitive about what’s going on in others heads always. “You can’t control how other people see you or think of you. And you have to be comfortable with that!” That’s a big part of growing up which most adults also forget sometimes. Just work on yourself and always see the best in people. Also, it’s important to not take things personally. What others talk about you, is their reality not yours! I’ve always treated this as one of my most important life lessons and I hope you treat it like one yourself. Peace out and happy weekend guys!! 


22 thoughts on “The Greatest Prison People Live In Is The Fear Of What Other People Think (2 min read)Β 

  1. Lovely story about a deep lesson πŸ™‚ If we’d spend half the time we use to wonder what others may or may not think of us and invest that time in ourselves, how different the World would probably look.

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      1. It’s become an automatic way of thinking, I suppose. Maybe we ought to shake it around by catching ourselves doing it and immediately asking ourselves: “what would I think about myself if…?”
        I feel another personal experiment coming on, lol!

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    1. Thank you !! The enough about you, how about me kinda reminded me of the million people I had to let go in my life because they were so full of themselves . That’s another story though but yes “being yourself ” without the fear of being judged is the real deal πŸ˜‡


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