Create your own happy space (1 min read)

So when do you know that you need to walk away? When do you know that enough is enough? What’s the definition of enough anyways? Everybody works within their own limitations, level of tolerance and persistence . Some of us are not easy quitters while a few of us give in easily. Who ends up doing better job in relationships ? I know I am making relationships sound like work right now but isn’t it? Isn’t it a job with mutual efforts and hard work from both ends in order to sustain it in the long run? I mean a one sided effort is only futile. Coming back to the question of who ends up doing better..the ones who just go with their instincts and leave instead of understanding, adjusting, being the bigger person or the ones who never give up on the ones they love irrespective of how they get treated in return ? There can be a lot of arguments around this. Maybe the ones who give in easily do so because they are extremely emotional which is why they hurt easily and just leave heartbroken. Maybe the stronger ones are always willing to stay and make the relationship work at any cost. A second theory could be completely contradicting i.e maybe the ones who leave early are strong enough to leave and the ones who choose to stay and work around it are more emotional and weak that’s why they have a hard time letting go. The truth is that we human beings are so complex in our mind and so different from each other that nothing can be generalised . I often hear people talk “They are no longer together because of his or her fault”. But the reality is that we never know. Even after living with someone for ten years or so, you just never know who he/she is. So, it’s best to just know yourself instead. The most fascinating thing about we Homo sapiens is that unlike machines “We cannot be controlled or made to think or function in a desired manner!” If something has to end, darling! It will! If it is meant to be, it will stay. Life is all gray. There is no black or white. We human beings are also changing constantly. Finding happiness within ourselves instead of finding it in a perfect relationship is the key to being happy forever. Also to be okay if things do not work as planned because you don’t know what life’s planned for you. Sometimes life surprises you with better things than expected ,isn’t it


17 thoughts on “Create your own happy space (1 min read)

  1. you are absolutely correct.people often change,and even our thinking and maturity levels change continously.we cant predict our own mind,how can we predict others. sooo we better try to understand ourselves and its not good to make our happiness depends of some other things and some other people

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