Loss Of A Puppy

Every time I saw you, I thought to myself “Oh! You are such a cutie! Such a happy puppy! I could almost see the smile on your face every time you saw me! I loved going to the farmhouse because I knew I would see you there running towards me, wagging your tail. Oh! the immense pleasure you brought to me. Every time I tickled or cuddled you, I felt my vain worldly troubles go away. You brought me utmost peace and joy . I am so sure you had no idea you were such an eternal bliss to me. You were just being you and I loved you for being such a pure soul. You were my angel who chose fur instead of wings. When I heard you fell sick, I knew I wanted to take you home, to keep you with me, wrap you warm in my arms till you got better. I still remember, the day you ate poison accidentally, I decided to shift you from the farmhouse to my house and get you back to normal. You looked so tiny, weak and fragile. It made me sad seeing you like this. You were such a plump happy pup before. I still remember driving you everywhere to get you that antidote so that you made it through the night. You were strong willed and wanted to live longer and I being my usual self was hell bound to do anything in my power to make you stay. Our hospital trips became regular and I was so sure of saving you. The doctors were positive as well. I still remember those kind eyes. I thought you were named lucky for a reason because you will fight this battle and come out alive. Oh! I was out of town for one day. That morning away from you felt weird like my heart was sinking for some reason unknown. I decided to call home to check on you. Everyone said you were fine but I wasn’t convinced. I think I was intuitive about you. I still decided to stay optimistic. I came home the next day only to learn that you had passed away last morning . I felt my world shift. Losing someone so close brought me utter grief. I dint know what to do, what to say. I brooded within. I tried everything to keep you, only to fail one day. Lucky wasn’t so lucky after all I thought. It makes my heart heavy to think that we are all just powerless puppets within the hands of destiny. Our strings can be cut, lifted up, dragged down anytime irrespective of the efforts we put in. I am sure whoever has lost a dog or puppy would know how it feels to loose one. “Baby, wherever you are..hope you are happy and in lesser pain. You will always be alive in my heart and this blog. Xoxo“.


21 thoughts on “Loss Of A Puppy

  1. I have never had a pet till date but my heart sank when I read this ! So sorry for your loss.! Am sure wherever Lucky is , he is definitely in a happy space now as well.

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