May Peace Be The Journey!! 

Peace! Peace! Peace!! I’ve looked for you everywhere. In the quiet isolated mountains and hilltops, the lonely barren far away lands, in the mystical deserts full of deceptive mirage, in the breezy green beautiful gardens and at last in my quiet cozy room. I felt peaceful only for a while and then somehow the silence vanished in between the noisy cacaphonous sounds. I remember losing my mind one day and instantly decided to take a vacation. This time unlike me who loves being social and in larger crowds, I wanted to visit a peaceful place for the sake of the silence in my soul. I immediately remembered reading this book “Eat, Pray, Love” few years back and after watching the movie, I had made up my mind of following the same path. Thankfully being an Indian and hailing from an army background, I was well travelled across the country. I took a long trip to Italy in 2012, so that was done too. Now, the only place left to be explored was BALI : the magical land! I love beaches tremendously and thought it was time I experienced the laid back environment, treated myself with the spas and the serene beaches of this place. Maybe the sea is what would bring me innermost peace. Ofcourse the place did not dissapoint me one bit. I went to the beach every night but there was still noise. One could hear people chatting, music playing, the sound of cool breeze and the gushing water. Then, one day I decided to go underwater. It was something I hadn’t done before. My friend Bella decided on sitting on the shore, taking selfies and sipping her cola instead. Meanwhile I was excited. Always in for an adventure sums me up pretty well. Then, they made me sign an agreement that stated that if something happened to me down there, they would not be held responsible for the same. While signing the agreement, I started thinking ..what if I drown here in an unknown land, away from my family? What if I was never to return? Was this a risk worth taking? Should I do this just for my adrenaline rush ? Was I being silly? Then I thought, let’s be brave and do this. Bella took my pictures with a thumbs up (one for Instagram ) and I boarded the boat that would take me to a ship in the middle of the sea. They told me that the guy on the ship would brief me on the safety signs. As soon as I reached, I saw a girl who just got out of water scared and sick. Oh gosh! I felt scared too! The guy who was supposed to train me did not speak English. My heart sank further! I kept asking him about the safety signs and he kept moving his hands as a sign of wait! They asked me to step down the ladder of the ship into the water. “What! Hell no! I can’t”! But then I thought when has any moment in my life been without any drama! I took a dive in without much thinking. He came down with me and said thumbs down if the oxygen supply is less and up if all is well. When I went down, I saw the most beautiful fishes in all imaginable colours and the live corals. They were magnificent. It was so calm yet divine. I had never experienced this kind of peace before. I was all alone underwater and it felt so good! I cannot describe my eternal bliss! With me sinking down , I felt all my heavy troubles being lifted, raised and released to an upper surface away from the deep blue sea. I would kill to feel the same again! Even after I rose up and reached the ship, I was calm like never before. It felt strange because I am usually anxious and hyper active mostly. I kept quiet for the rest of the day. It wasn’t the quiet feel of “the sadness of the silence of the lambs” but instead the “quietness of a relaxed peaceful calm mind”. I did not say much but instead listened to Bella talk during dinner time and experienced the most blissful sleep that night thereafter! Whoever has been underwater would know what I am talking about here. For the rest of you, if you get the chance, go ahead and experience this tranquility! Have a happy, peaceful weekend filled with kindness and love! 💟


25 thoughts on “May Peace Be The Journey!! 

  1. Well written…since long I wanted to do this (scuba diving)but after reading your post I feel so much more motivated to go for it and will definatly share my experience with you…

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  2. After reading the above, i immediately felt that “your thoughts resonate with mine”…. I say so because of a similar experience i had six years ago in the same place(Bali) while i scuba-dived. Amidst pretty fish and corals deep under water infused i witnessed utmost peace n happiness in my heart or maybe it was the notion of being in absolute nature =) Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post hon. Looking fwd to the next :* :*

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  3. Coming from another Indonesian beach just yesterday.. read this article just at the right time. Very well written i must say.
    Do try “Tioman” beach in Malaysia whenever you get a chance. One of the most beautiful beaches i have been to.

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