Travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller !!

I woke up this morning feeling glum. I tend to feel morbid for no reason sometimes. Was it just me being crazy or was I missing home? I can’t say. But I woke up with my head heavy like I had a hangover without drinking last night. “Hungover with my deep thoughts” ! Let me tell you that’s worst than what a few mocktails can do to you. I try and control my thoughts for so long till they get ahead of me someday and consume me. It was happening to me again. Me and Sam were supposed to take a small road trip today. Damn! I was going to ruin his mood too! I was thinking of all this tugged in a blanket, awake but refusing to get up and face the real world! Sam woke me up with a cup of coffee and kissed me on my cheek saying “Morning love! Let’s do what you love doing. Explore a new island! I love love travelling so much but something was not right today. I told him il take a rain check. He looked at me in bewilderment “Are you serious”? I cancelled all my plans for you and you are bailing out on me? I felt so bad. I said” ok! Ok! We are doing this alright”! I wore a fake smile and went to change. I dragged myself to get ready like I had to go for a math lecture. Wonder why is this happening ? Why am I not happy when it was me who wanted to go there so bad. Are we humans so complex that sometimes we don’t understand our own emotions or was it just me? Am I the crazy one? I was thinking and hoping that it’s the first reason and not the latter. So, there I was ready to go. I played my favourite track and we started driving. After half an hour, I could see that the road was getting greener and greener with lush green trees. There is something about this place. The trees here are the most beautiful ever. I felt like they were casting an enchanting spell on me! I felt a sudden drift in my mood. Slightly better from meloncholy to “Dreamy”. There it was. I could see the beach now. We stopped the car to catch a good glimpse of the view from the top. And it was breathtaking. I think I am a water baby. The closer I get to the sea, the calmer it makes me feel. It was all good from here.               The beach is called Piha.  Piha is 39 kilometres west of Auckland city centre, on the Tasman Sea coast to the north of the Manukau Harbour, on the western edge of the Waitakere Ranges. The beautiful view of the beach was enthralling. The rocks known as the lion rocks overlooking the beach looked splendid. The water was cold and the beach was quite isolated since it wasent summer time. I could only see few people lazying along the beautiful black sand and surfers doing what they do best. It quite felt like a magical world out here. So much quietness and untouched beauty! My day was already fruitful. I knew where to go if I would ever feel glum again. I spend a good amount of time there and later stopped by a cafe with an amazing view of the beach to have a scrumptious mushroom pizza.I came back calm and happy and went for a late night movie thereafter. Could my day be any more perfect! I got a bit of everything I love! Whatever starts badly mostly ends in a spectacular way! Something I learned from my little experience. We must try and stay positive and believe that the good will always find a way to us because it always does especially when you least expect it. Life has a funny way of surprising us always! Like Carrie says in sex and the city “The universe may not always play fair but atleast it’s got a hell of a sense humour!” Also, if you often feel low for no reason like I do, travel …explore places …even if you don’t feel like! You will experience a sudden change in your mood and learn so much and evolve as a person. 


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